Monday, October 29, 2012

3D simulation of a lathe using solids of revolution, C# and openGL

Last month a teacher from my former college call me telling me that they were going to model all the machines in their mechanical workshop and that they will simulate all ther procesess in a 3D enviroment. They were starting with a lathe, but there was a problem, they had no idea how to make the lowering of the pieces with the lathe's blades.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A new version of my 3D asteroid game in OpenGL with C#


This article is an update of my first article named “A basic 3D asteroid game in OpenGL with C#”. In this version I added the shooting feature. I will try to explain it briefly here
The first thing to do is to get the mesh that contains the rocket
Mesh misiles; //This goes as a class attribute

misiles = m.GetMeshWithName("avion07");

After getting the mesh reference we delete it from the model because we are going to draw and manage it in a different way than the ship.
One drawback is that in the 3d model the four rockets are recognized as a single mesh, that’s why when we shot a missile the four are shot. I don’t have too much knowledge of 3D Max to make the four missiles as single meshes and that brings another complication; the missile position is the same for all, which means that we are going to check collisions on one single point that is the center of the four missiles.