Friday, August 9, 2013

My first collision algorithm


When I started 3D programming I soon realized that a lot of things I gave for granted on all the games I played, weren’t so. For example in a 3D world there are only textures and triangles to be drawn. Collisions and a lot of things alike have to be created on your own. That means that if you want the camera not to pass through a wall you have to create an internal geometric representation of the wall and manage the logic yourself.
I want to point out that there are many approaches for handling collisions. I am only showing my approach, I think that everything should be from simple to complex. I have seen so many people trying to enter to the 3D programming world but most of them back out because a lot of tutorials demand previous background of so many areas of knowledge that people get usually overwhelmed.
About the math used in this article, I studied it at school when I was about 12 years old, so I guess you don’t need to have a solid background to understand this and won’t be rocket science.
I say again this algorithm its only my approach I think there are far more better on the web but this one its pretty simple and it puts you on the right way.