Thursday, August 11, 2011

3D factory with opengl and C#

This is a virtual exploration of a factory, it contains a FPS(First Person Shooter) camera and loads a 3DS file, shadows are on the texture, this project uses a simply engine I made myself called shadowengine, if you want the source code ask it here, note it doesn't work on 64 bit systems because of glut32.dll issues, here is the download link


  1. Your download link doesn't work for this demo. I am interested in your work and wanted to take a look at it. You haven't posted much lately, you busy..., or have you moved on to other things? -- Thanks

  2. OK I will try it to upload it by monday. Any question about the code feel free to ask.
    and yes this are projects back when I was studying now I have move to other things
    best regards