Friday, August 12, 2011

The difficulty of deploying 3D applications

I began to develop 3D application by fun. It was at the 3rd year of university. I friend of mine had a few examples and I began to learn how to get into this word. First I started with C++ builder 6.0 with open GL. This was great until I started with MVS 2008 and I realized that that was the future. When you make a c++ 3D app with opengl there are a lot of chances that It will go very slow, because Microsoft don't install the openGL driver by default,. so if you deploy your 3D openGL application in a PC with windows there a chance that It will not be what you wanted. At the beginning that was not a problem because everyone installed the video drivers of the manufactures, but nowadays with W7 normal people let the OS to install the video driver they got by default and of course they do not have OPENGL driver. Another issue is with platforms if that if you use glut32, your application wont run on 64 bit OS. You may say that opengl will be the future but with windows dominating 90 % of the market I don't think so. When I started programming opengl with visual studio there was the problem of the .NET framework, your PC had to have it in order to run your application so your app will not be click and run in all windows versions. Later when I started programming in XNA I was amazed how fast you could make a 3D app but then I saw that in order to use XNA you had to have .NET, XNA redistributable and pixel shader 1.0 so if you want to make apps for developing countries that was not an option, also there is the problem of the license. Today I am beginning to make some stuff with directX SDK and  is very promising, it only needs .NET in order to run. If this doesn't work i will start with Ogre or Irlicht.


  1. Nice!!! try for the next post to be more specific

  2. Thanks for explaining your reasoning, but i don't really think those are OpenGL issues (at least for me). If you'd like to change platform from XNA to any OpenGL engine(anytime), i would recommend considering Horde3D in addition to those mentioned by You. It's minimalistic, fast and elegant. Anyways, have fun.

  3. You may laugh, but i left openGL because it didnt had a direct draw(DX) equivalent so if i wanted to make a GUI, had to rely on opengl extensions and they where different in any PC, maybe horde3d will make that work for me. I made an engine (shadowengine) and that was the functionality that I couldn't add